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Door Access Systems

Door access system makes your business more secure and gives you peace of mind that you will ever want. Through the use of cards, PINs, and key fobs, door access can be granted to anyone and customized to fit your business’s needs.

About Fingerprint Technology

Numerous popular biometric systems had been used today, which include the iris recognition, voice recognition as well as fingerprint recognition systems.

Generally, fingerprint recognition is considered the most practical choice for its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and non-intrusive interface.

The fingerprint scanner could capture an image if the fingerprint and uses complex fingerprint identification algorithms to convert the image into a unique “map” of minutiae points or analyse the pattern.

Also, it has been proven in eliminating privacy concerns and help prevent fraud as the fingerprint can’t be recreated from the stored template.

Stay in Charge of Your Security

When it comes to business security, the issue is all about cut-and-dry. No matter what situation you think your company could use some improvement in, Door Access System has the capabilities to suit any of your particular needs from start to finish.

Reasons Why You Should Install Door Access Control System Malaysia

Security needs are constantly changing. The door access control system and keyless entry have become more common for every property owner.

The primary role of the door access system is to keep unwanted guests out, at least to have control over the access. Moreover, the door access control system can be customized in having a higher limit of the access or set the right per individual for a particular level of access desired.

The best door access control system was able to provide you with historical reports. You also could receive other customizable reports such as information regarding the building’s security, open and close hours, alarm details and more.

Therefore, if you ever need the door access control system, these are the reasons that give a peace of mind that you desired.

  1. Security
  2. Faster, safer than usual locks
  3. Non-duplication
  4. History records
  5. Remote access
  6. Customizable