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Panasonic LCD Projectors – 4K D Projectors

You might be recalled that old movies were for movie theatres and TV shows were for the televisions. Today, with the emergence of online streaming services, there is no better way to watch every new shows and movie every day from the comfort of your home.

With that in mind, you could consider building your own home theatre that would make feel like yourself in the cinema.

For sure, having a large screen TV can be a sight to behold, but this does not mean that they would be the best option. With the Panasonic LCD Projector as a part of your home entertainment setting, you will enjoy:

  • Bright and Clear Visual Communication
  • Light-Weight
  • Wireless Ready Unit
  • Customizable Screen Size
  • Eye Comfort

Who Should Use the Panasonic LCD Projector?

Given the advantages of the projection, it makes sense for just about anyone to consider.

Panasonic LCD Projector is not only an excellent projector for those who want a more dynamic approach to home entertainment, but it also excels in business and education settings as well.

Of the advantages of the Panasonic LCD Projector has swayed you into considering a purchase, you are welcome to contact us! We will be happy to recommend suitable models for your application.

Things to Consider Before Buying Projector in Malaysia For Your Home

Projection systems require more than a spacious room and controlled lighting. Setting up a Panasonic LCD Projector for your home is not something that can be easily done. That also being said that to ensure you could enjoy an entire new home theatre experience, it could be a worthwhile investment. Let’s take a look at the factor that you should focus on:

Ambient Lighting

The first consideration in deciding if a projector is right for you is the room lighting. Some projectors are better at competing with the ambient light in the room, but none are perfect. Thus, make sure to check the output brightness rating of the projector that measured in ANSI lumens. (at least 1700 ANSI lumens)

Room Size

To make your home as the movie theatre, a room with a large volume of space is what you need. You need to make sure that you have a spacious room for you to install the projector, speakers and furniture in experiencing one of a kind movie experience!